Will Mann


Hello everyone, I'm Will Mann

So I'm currently a student at the Unversity of Leeds, started September 2019, studying Computer Science with a degree apprenticeship by PwC on their flying start programme.

As I've been developing for many years now, using languages such as Java, C#, Python, PHP, Swift, C and JavaScript, I have begun to specialize in full stack web development.

I have used React and Node.js, with 5 years experience in both. Take a look at my projects page to find out what I've been working on.

For my educational years, I spent my time at Wellington College in Crowthorne. There I taught myself many tools of the software development trade, such as Web Development using the latest JS libraries, such as React and previously jQuery. This enabled me to start some project work, such as developing a real time registration system for my boarding house, and leading a team to develop a prep/timetable application using agile development techniques, as part of our student-led learning programme/business WellyCompSci (Wellington College Computer Science).

At Wellington, we are pushing forward with an idea of starting our own technology consulting society, which will be run like a company, where we will train new students (or interns) to build them up to industry level standards while also teaching them the most modern techniques for collaboration in a team, and meeting a deadline. I, the founder and first president of WellyCompSci, have put much time and effort into making this dream a reality, with more information on our website below. I have also completed some work experience for the company Oracle, shadowing one of their developers in their IT Team, to find out how a real tech giant runs as a business.

Now currently I'm a student a the University of Leeds, with a degree apprenticeship sponsored by PwC. However on the summer of 2020, due to the worldwide pandemic, I couldn't attend the PwC summer internship, so I applied for a part time role at FunTech for the summer to become a virtual camp tutor. I also helped out for CoronaUnity, where I did some web development work putting their website together. I'm on the Web Development team, and I still help out where I can.

Will Mann is a computing student who developed this website as a showcase of his skills.