Will Mann


Here is a list of all the projects I have/am involved with:


myWelly was by far my most successful project during my time at Wellington. I like to think that it was one of the best learning experiences I've ever had in terms of creating, supporting and distributing large scale projects for many users to use. Developed by a student-run business inside college, this app was one of highlights of my time at Wellington.



During the course of my lockdown, I was presented with the opportunity help Jim & Team out with some web development for their project - CoronaUnity. It is a platform to help out people during the COVID pandemic.


Uni Haus

I partnered with Paolo Rossi to develop a web application for comparing the housing market at Loughborough University to streamline communication between the students, letting agents and landlords.


Foundry21 (Media & Productions) is a professional freelance production company with the aim of creating sleek and modern videos for whatever you require. I was approached by my friend Finn Ducker, who runs the company. This website is a static website written in GatsbyJS and powered by Sanity with a YouTube widget to present his portfolio in a sleek minimalistic fashion. This website was my first client website, and I can say that it was a success on all parts.



WellyCompSci was a group I founded at Wellington that pioneers in student-led learning by having students teach other students industry-standard programming techniques.

Will Mann is a computing student who developed this website as a showcase of his skills.