Will Mann



WellyCompSci was a student-led organisation I founded to teach other pupils about industry level programming technqiues while developing projects to learn about how businesses work in this career field by setting up our own inside Wellington College, UK.

Let's start from the beginning. In my 2nd year at Wellington I came up with the idea to write a 'sign in sign out' system for keeping track of people's movement in and out of the house, a project which I used to hone my skills. It was from that project that I started to get some attention and support from people around the college as a showcase of what I can do.

Introducing Mr John Hooper, of hooperjon.com who arrived during my 2nd year at the college to be head of the computer science department. He was entrigued by my skills, as one of his ambitions was in student-led learning, i.e. students teaching each other instead of the traditional classroom model, and he said it was clear that I knew more actual programming knowledge than he did, as he was a teacher not a programmer. So it was his goal to create a platform for students to learn off other students. We brainstormed for a while, before coming up with WellyCompSci.

The name WellyCompSci is an abbreviation for Well(y)ington College Computer Science, that we shortened to form our group. You can read more about our mission statement here. I headed this up as the first President (19/20), helped by Arjun Naha of Naha Digital as my Vice President, we set to work building a platform to teach other students at the college how to program to industry level standards, mainly Web Development technologies.

So as we began to build up a group of people who would become our WellyCompSci 'interns', to be promoted to Junior then Senior Programmers. Over time we created a society full of talented individuals who can be relied apon to complete tasks and we could start our first major project, myWelly.

Will Mann is a computing student who developed this website as a showcase of his skills.